The Little Sisters

The little sisters have finally graduted to a larger yard.  The chicken tractor had become too small for them and they needed to be able to stretch their legs and wings, but they are still too small to be with the older ladies.
While our chickens free range 99% of the time, they do have a yard that we can pen them up in if we need to.  For example, sometimes they decided that it would be fun to lay eggs in other places and go broody on me, when that happens they will be locked up in their yard for a couple days while they remember what the nest boxes are for.  The chicken yard is divided in half with a little coop at one end, that way was can isolate a chicken if needed or keep groups seprate.
The little sisters are in this area.  I don’t love that they are there, the ground is very bare and has been picked clean so they aren’t getting green food right now and I like my chickens to be free to eat green food and bugs, its healthier for them, but for now this is what they have.
IMG_6073In a week or so I will introduce them to their older sisters during the day and they enjoy free ranging over the meadows and fields, doing what chickens do best.

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