Spring in Full Swing

Spring is in full swing here on the farm and new plants and popping up all over the place, from the diversity and organized chaos of the orchard meadow to the neat rows in the vegetable garden, there is green everywhere.
This is the lettuce bed, we have several varieties of leaf lettuce growing here as you can see by the different colors and hues.  Lettuce loves the cool spring temperatures and will soon be big enough to start harvesting tender baby greens. In the heat of the summer we will have to cover with shade cloth to keep thing cool enough so they don’t go bitter.
Little bitty onions making their first appearance, I think it is amusing how those long spears come up bent over, soon they will be popping up straight and tall.  From the looks of it we are going to have a bumper crop of onions this year.
The pea beds are coming along, I am expecting to have blossoms showing up in the next week or so.  Some of the peas are looking a little yellow, I will be making compost tea this weekend and feeding my babies.
IMG_6128This is close up of one of my leaf lettuces, I am excited about this variety, its named “Flashy Butter Oak” and I think it looks like a lot of fun, definitely a splash of color to add to a salad!

I am optimistic that we will soon have fresh, local produce to offer our community.

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