We are lucky, we live in an area close to the city that still has some considerable wildlife.  When we say wildlife, we are talking about the wildlife you would generally see in the high desert.  As we take photos, and blog about what we do on the farm to encourage certain types of wildlife, but discourage other types of wildlife, we will post them here.  If you want to see more wildlife from around Quail Run Farm, you can check out the Scenes From Eagle Mountain page.

Recent Posts

  • Badger Wars

    Badger Wars

    We have mentioned before Quail Run Farm at one time was home to a den of badger.  A couple years back, we found a badger den on the property.  It was a ways away from the house, and in an area that was …Read More ...
  • Unwelcome Visitor

    Unwelcome Visitor

    We try to live with nature as much as possible.  We will tolerate a pest until it becomes a danger to humans, pets, live stock, or our gardens.  And when it does become a problem, we try to relocate and discourage it, before we dispatch it.   We had such a visitor the other day, one […]Read More ...
  • Interesting Visitors

    Interesting Visitors

    Over the last few days we have had some fun visitors of the insect variety, they were unique enough that we had to investigate further. Solifugae The first one is called a Solifugae, or as some people would call them a camel spider, wind scorpion, or sun spider. There are a lot of urban legends […]Read More ...
  • What is all the buzz? – Cicada

    What is all the buzz? – Cicada

    Cicada are an interesting insect.  And they are not something you see or hear very often in the high desert.  We have a couple of willow trees in our front yard, and they have been buzzing with the sounds of cicada. I guess the cicada like the sap of the willow trees.  You can hear […]Read More ...
  • Things that attract

    Things that attract

    At some point you may want to try to attract a specific animal, insect, or plant to live on your property.  I have heard people talk about wanting to have more birds, butterflies, and other things visit, and or live on their property.  Many times, people will plant a specific plant, put in a bird […]Read More ...
  • Kestrel Cam

    Kestrel Cam

    GREAT NEWS!  We have teamed up with the Eagle Mountain Kestrel Project, Legend Engineering, and a couple of other residents to bring you the Eagle Mountain Kestrel Cam.  We have picked one of the nesting pair of kestrels and have installed a webcam into their nesting box.  Shon Reed, an Eagle Mountain resident, has worked […]Read More ...
  • Birds of Prey

    Birds of Prey

    Since we moved to Quail Run Farm three years ago, we have seen a variety of wildlife. There is usual the wildlife you would expect to see in the high desert.  My favorite sights is the majestic flight of the local birds of prey.  We have seen eagles, red-tailed hawks, kestrels, owls, and many other different types […]Read More ...
  • Of Fairies and Things

    Of Fairies and Things

    I have a confession to make.  I believe in fairies, and many other mythical creatures of the forest, desert, streams and lakes. I always have, I just didn’t ever dare say.  I love the stories and folklore, the magic of it all and I often tell my kids about the fairies and other creatures that live […]Read More ...
  • Bird Prints

    Bird Prints

    We found this interesting print in the snow.  Anyone what to venture a guess at what created it?  There were no tracks leading to or from it.  The cat tracks round it look like there were there before the bird print, by several days.Read More ...
  • Those Darn Rabbits (or are they Hares)

    Those Darn Rabbits (or are they Hares)

    The purpose of this post is not to discuss the difference between rabbits and hares, but to discuss a way to keep them from killing the trees in your orchard. We noticed that one of our apple trees had some bark damage several inches above the snow line. We don’t know for sure if it […]Read More ...

To help us see what was happening on the property during the night, and the day, we installed a Trail Cam.  We did not get one with all the bells and whistles, but we purchased one that we thought would work and give us the ability to see what was going on.  We decided to purchase the Moultrie A5 Game Camera.  It has worked well.