Permaculture is defined as, “a system of agricultural and social design principles centered around simulating or directly utilizing the patterns and features observed in natural ecosystems. [source]”

One of our goals at Quail Run Farm is to follow permaculture as closely as possible.  Utah has two major problems when it comes to gardening/farming.  First, is water.  Utah is a desert.  And any water we do get needs to be used as wisely as possible.  Second, soil fertility.  Utah is also not known for its soil fertility.  You have to work the soil in most areas to have it able to sustain anything besides native plants.  Our goal is to use permaculture and some other farming techniques to overcome these two obstacles.

As we learn and grow the farm, we plan on using huglekulture, rainwater and greywater harvesting, sheet mulching, tree management, and other permaculture ideas.

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  • Goats on Pasture

    Goats on Pasture

    The Goats are almost three months old now and fully weaned, its time they go to pasture and be trained on the line. Part of the purpose of our goats is weed control and sustainable grazing. Grazing animals can be very destructive to …Read More ...
  • Comfrey Harvest

    Comfrey Harvest

    When the comfrey starts blooming it’s time to harvest! I so love the pretty purple flowers of the comfrey plant. When the comfrey produces a long stalk and flashes her blossoms its time to start cutting.  Through out the season I do pick the big, broad leaves for infused oils, but it is that long […]Read More ...
  • Planting Permaculture Style

    Planting Permaculture Style

    One of the hallmarks of permaculture is using deep mulch to build fertility, slow down weed growth and preserve moisture. We’ve spent many hours gathering yard waste, chipping and shredding it and spreading it in the garden beds. In some of the beds we already had plants growing, in those beds we piled the mulch […]Read More ...
  • Spring Medicinals for Winter

    Spring Medicinals for Winter

    Late Spring and Early Summer are great times for harvesting WEEDS!  (Have I ever mentioned how much I love weeds?) In late spring there is a burst of growth, plants are getting ready to harvest the heat and sunshine of the summer time. This year I found several curly dock plants in my garden isles […]Read More ...
  • Bamboo, the Experiment Continues…..

    Bamboo, the Experiment Continues…..

    Earlier this spring we spend a Saturday preping an area along the south side of our house for bamboo(read about it here).  We like that bamboo will grow quickly, prolifically and tall, covering and shading the south, hot side of our house.  We are also anticipating many other benifits, bamboo creates a lot of biomass […]Read More ...
  • Gathering Fertility, Making Top Soil

    Gathering Fertility, Making Top Soil

    “For all Hobbits share a love of things that grow.” is a quote from one of my favorite movies.  I agree with Bilbo, there is something about things that grow.  But in order to grow, you need soil fertility and top soil. Quail Run farm is in the middle of the Utah High Desert.  Yes, […]Read More ...
  • Red and Wriggling

    Red and Wriggling

    Back in March I stared a garden bed in which I was going to experiment with composting in place. You can read more about it: here.  So far things are going well.  From my investigating and poking around it seems like everything is breaking down nicely, although a bit slowly. I decided to give it a little […]Read More ...
  • It Begins

    It Begins

    Along with all the pretty little vegetable, herbs and flowers the weeds are coming up in abundance. We are a no/low spray farm, and with a few exceptions we never spray chemicals on our land.  The one exception is for Field Bind Weed, it is taking over, and there really isn’t a good way to get rid […]Read More ...
  • Comfrey


    Comfrey is one of my all time favorite herbs, ever. It’s uses are numerous. We use this plant for permaculture, animal feed and herbal healing. Comfrey is a vigorous plant, it grows easily in all types of soil, and while it doesn’t’ spread, the clump gets bigger and bigger each year and it is easily divided and grows quickly […]Read More ...
  • Soil Types

    Soil Types

    Soil is defined as the top layer of Earth that allows the growth of plants.  All areas have a different soil horizon, and that profile will change over time, and can contain all of the different types of soil discussed in this article.  You can find out what your soil horizon is by digging a hole in […]Read More ...

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