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Hi, I am Mike or as I am sometimes called Dadzoo.  I am a computer geek by trade and hobby, but that is slowing changing over time.  I am a closet farmer.  I enjoy working with my hands and watching the landscape change as we advance our faming goals.  I am what you would probably call the bronze of the farm.  Aimee (momzoo) usually comes up with the general plan and overall goal of the farm, and I am the one that uses the muscle to try to make the dream she has come up with come to life.

Some of my other website and hobbies include: FoundingFatherQuotes.com, DadZooLife.com.

This is a place where I will share my adventures as I attempt to make Aimee’s dreams and vision come to life.  Join me in the journey of a Computer Geek and his adventures in farming and permaculture.

Recent Posts

  • Sage Brush Mulch

    Sage Brush Mulch

    As we continue to try to build up the fertility of the soil at Quail Run Farm, we are trying to find creative ways to find mulch.  Utah is not know for it trees, and that is even more true in the valley …Read More ...
  • Badger Wars

    Badger Wars

    We have mentioned before Quail Run Farm at one time was home to a den of badger.  A couple years back, we found a badger den on the property.  It was a ways away from the house, and in an area that was not being currently used.  After some research we found that the badgers […]Read More ...
  • Autumn


    Autumn or Fall as some people refer to it is one of my favorite times of the year.  To me it is like the Earth taking in a deep breath just before a long slumber. Even in a person most times indifferent to things around him they waken feelings the first winds of autumn — […]Read More ...
  • Front Yard Spring

    Front Yard Spring

    This is one of the views you get when you travel the roads that lead to our little piece of heaven.  To get to our farm, you have to drive on a gravel road.  Being isolated like that gives has advantages and disadvantages.  This year has been the year of replacements.  We have replaced our […]Read More ...
  • Jefferson’s Canons of Conduct

    Jefferson’s Canons of Conduct

    As a lot of people know, I like to study the writings and documents that were created by the US Founding Fathers.  I find their insight refreshing, and their forward thinking an inspiration.  This is not a political post in nature, but a post of some good advice that Thomas Jefferson has given.  These are some […]Read More ...
  • Unwelcome Visitor

    Unwelcome Visitor

    We try to live with nature as much as possible.  We will tolerate a pest until it becomes a danger to humans, pets, live stock, or our gardens.  And when it does become a problem, we try to relocate and discourage it, before we dispatch it.   We had such a visitor the other day, one […]Read More ...
  • Interesting Visitors

    Interesting Visitors

    Over the last few days we have had some fun visitors of the insect variety, they were unique enough that we had to investigate further. Solifugae The first one is called a Solifugae, or as some people would call them a camel spider, wind scorpion, or sun spider. There are a lot of urban legends […]Read More ...
  • Own it, Fix it, Move on..

    Own it, Fix it, Move on..

    As an IT professional, I can tell you that the more systems you work on, and the more power you are given over those systems, the more likely you will mess something up.   And I have also learned that the quicker you accept the fact you messed up, and concentrate on fixing the problem, the faster […]Read More ...
  • What is all the buzz? – Cicada

    What is all the buzz? – Cicada

    Cicada are an interesting insect.  And they are not something you see or hear very often in the high desert.  We have a couple of willow trees in our front yard, and they have been buzzing with the sounds of cicada. I guess the cicada like the sap of the willow trees.  You can hear […]Read More ...
  • Things that attract

    Things that attract

    At some point you may want to try to attract a specific animal, insect, or plant to live on your property.  I have heard people talk about wanting to have more birds, butterflies, and other things visit, and or live on their property.  Many times, people will plant a specific plant, put in a bird […]Read More ...

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