Farm Animals

turkeys_headerWhat farm would be complete without a variety of farm animals.  We have had our share of animals, and will continue to try out new ones and old ones.

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  • Goats on Pasture

    Goats on Pasture

    The Goats are almost three months old now and fully weaned, its time they go to pasture and be trained on the line. Part of the purpose of our goats is weed control and sustainable grazing. Grazing animals can be very destructive to …Read More ...
  • Spring Babies

    Spring Babies

    We all love the babies here on the farm and the last of the spring babies have arrived!  Rabbits can be bred all year long, but they tend to struggle in the heat and a pregnancy only adds to the difficulty, so we take a break in the heat of the summer. We also take […]Read More ...
  • Goats


    Guest Post by Kit  On May 28, we had some new additions to the farm, three little baby goats. At only a month old, they had never been away from their mother, we had to become their moms. First we named them, we took a family vote. We all decided on Dolly for the girl, she is the […]Read More ...
  • Fencing


    Before we bought this property, three years ago, it had been sorely neglected and abused.  There were piles and piles of old construction waste piled all around the house and down in the pastures, old dilapidated sheds and the fencing was an array of hodge-podge materials and poor patching. Over the last three summers we […]Read More ...
  • Ducks in a Row

    Ducks in a Row

    We have had three ducks for a while now, and they have been very enjoyable.  There are some great benefits to have ducks, they love to eat bugs, lots and lots of bugs. They will graze on grasses, herbs and weeds without being as destructive as chickens are. They also lay wonderful eggs, my family […]Read More ...
  • Spring Showers

    Spring Showers

    The past week has been gloriously wet! Here in the high desert we love our spring showers!  On a large scale the water fills up the reservoirs in the mountains, to be used later, during the hot dry summer.  On a smaller scale, our rain barrels are running over, the swales, hugelkulturs and deep mulched […]Read More ...
  • The Little Sisters

    The Little Sisters

    The little sisters have finally graduted to a larger yard.  The chicken tractor had become too small for them and they needed to be able to stretch their legs and wings, but they are still too small to be with the older ladies. While our chickens free range 99% of the time, they do have a yard […]Read More ...
  • Tippy


    TIPPY Guest Post by Emma Kieffer I’m going to tell you about our dog Tippy.  We got her from my great uncle Mark, he got her to herd cows but she was too afraid so he gave her to us.  She is a very good dog. Tippy is a great play mate, she is black with white […]Read More ...
  • Spring Eggs

    Spring Eggs

    After a long dark winter the girls are laying again!  Hens naturally stop laying as the daylight hours decrease, it is nature’s way of making sure the birds are using energy to keep warm and not on producing eggs that can’t be hatched or if they were to hatch would have a low survival rate in the winter.  To […]Read More ...
  • How Chickens Help the Farm

    How Chickens Help the Farm

    How Chickens Help the Farm Guest Post By Emma Kieffer I am going to tell you how our chickens benefit our farm. They lay colorful eggs for us.  They also give us meat.  They help us fertilize our gardens. First I am going to tell you how they benefit our farm by laying eggs. Eggs […]Read More ...

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