Ducks in a Row

We have had three ducks for a while now, and they have been very enjoyable.  There are some great benefits to have ducks, they love to eat bugs, lots and lots of bugs. They will graze on grasses, herbs and weeds without being as destructive as chickens are. They also lay wonderful eggs, my family doesn’t love eating the eggs, but using duck eggs in baking produces a superior product and we hord the duck eggs for all our baking.
IMG_6227This spring I have been talking and talking and talking about getting some more ducklings. We never actually purchased them, usually there was something more pressing that needed funds or I felt like I wasn’t set up for ducklings just yet, there were many excuses and reasons I kept putting off getting those ducklings.
One evening I was speaking to my Dad and he mentioned that the feed store close to him had ducks for sale at a steeply discounted price. He said we was willing to run over first thing in the morning to see if any were left and bring them to me the next day.  I readly agreed, hoping that there would be two or three left, the price was so good on those birds that I couldn’t imagine they would still be there.

The next morning when he and my brother arrived at my house he asked me how I felt about twenty two ducks.  Seriously? Twenty two ducks! When he got the the store, right as it opened, there were twenty two ducks left and he asked the sales lady if he could take them all.  She told him if he would take them all that he could have them at no cost, they were that eager to have them gone.  They boxed them up and brought them to me.

Now Quail Run Farm is home to twenty five ducks, we are so excited, we love having ducks around.  For the next little while the ducklings will live in the backyard where they have acess to a warm heat lamp, supplimental feed, grass, bugs and a kiddie pool. Happy ducks are healthy ducks!


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  1. Marilee says:

    Nothing beats a duck. I’ve thought about getting some ducks, how fun. You’ll have to let us know how it goes.

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