Chicken Tractor

The little sisters have out grown their brooder, things were getting squishy in there and squishy chickens get bored and ornery and start causing problems, like pecking and feather pulling. Along with that we like to get the new sisters out on real ground as soon as possible, it is much more natural and healthy for them, and our pasture benefits immensely from their scratching, pecking and pooping.

Dadzoo put together a new chicken tractor for our new little sisters, its very simple: a covered area for shelter and an open area, wired in, for fresh air and sunshine, the bottom stays open so they have free access to the ground, grass and bugs.


IMG_5852Every morning, at chore time, the chicken tractor is moved to fresh ground, keeping the impact of the birds on the pasture at a minimum, while providing fresh grass for the chicks and spreading their manure around evenly.


This crazy festooned lady is becoming a fast favorite.

This crazy festooned lady is becoming a fast favorite.

Even chickens, when properly managed, can be used for much more than meat and eggs.  They too have a purpose and job in maintaining  and restoring the land.

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