Aimee’s Journal



imageI am Aimee, also know as Momzoo.  I am the general manager here on the farm, I am the dreamer and the planner and designer around here.  I enjoy everything old and soulful.  My mission and hobby is to learn as much as I can about the lost arts of homemaking and homesteading.  I feel like the old ways bring purpose, comfort and joy to those willing to live this life.  I believe in being kind and gentle with the land, leaving more than I take, while nourishing  those I love from the seed to the table.  While my soul may be found in the land, my heart and joy are found with my children and husband. I have nine little ones, and they are my greatest work and deepest love. Dadzoo is my other half, we complete each other, he patiently listens to my wild dreams and quietly makes them happen, he is my everything. I hope you enjoy your time here with us on the farm.

  • Breaking the Silence…and other such musings

    Breaking the Silence…and other such musings

    Our blog has been silent the past few months, mostly the business of putting the farm to bed, getting kids back in school and taking on some new adventures occupied our time. We have also been much occupied, musing over the direction we …Read More ...
  • Beans


    I almost always plant a lot of green beans, they seems to grow well under any circumstance, and it seemed like this season it would be the same. Except it isn’t. Everything seemed to start off well, the beans popped right up and got big and strong at first, then they stalled a bit, and […]Read More ...
  • Red Clover

    Red Clover

    Red Clover is another one of my favorite medicinal, nourishing herbs that I use on a regular basis, not only for the human body, but for the land. We have red cover planted in a few places here on the farm, in our back yard among the grasses and in the orchard meadow, we do […]Read More ...
  • Beautiful Dissapointment

    Beautiful Dissapointment

    This is a picture of our freshly harvested carrot bed, it is currently waiting for a fresh layer of compost and a new generation of carrots.  However, if you notice in the fore ground a nice little group of flowers. Those are carrot flowers, and there is a story. The thing with a carrot is […]Read More ...
  • Carrots, Beets and Cotts, Oh My!

    Carrots, Beets and Cotts, Oh My!

    One of my very favorite summer chores is canning.  I know, weird, but I love it. There is something absolutely satisfying to me about sitting down, with a chipped enamel-wear dishpan and a piles of vegetables in front of me.  I carefully and quickly peel each vegetable, quietly channeling the energy of all my grandmothers […]Read More ...
  • Carrots and Beets

    Carrots and Beets

    We had a killer crop of beets and carrots this year.  They loved the deep mulching methods we used this year and all our hard work sure paid off with the root vegetables. Fresh beets and carrots are absolutely the best and we all enjoy eating them fresh roasted or raw, but these lovely ladies […]Read More ...
  • Goats on Pasture

    Goats on Pasture

    The Goats are almost three months old now and fully weaned, its time they go to pasture and be trained on the line. Part of the purpose of our goats is weed control and sustainable grazing. Grazing animals can be very destructive to the land if their grazing isn’t focused and managed.  On the flip […]Read More ...
  • Spring Babies

    Spring Babies

    We all love the babies here on the farm and the last of the spring babies have arrived!  Rabbits can be bred all year long, but they tend to struggle in the heat and a pregnancy only adds to the difficulty, so we take a break in the heat of the summer. We also take […]Read More ...
  • Plantain, Nature’s Band-aid

    Plantain, Nature’s Band-aid

    Plantain is another favorite medicinal weed of mine. This plant can easily be found in lawns, cracks of sidewalks, along roadways and in abandoned fields. Plantain is native to Europe and Asia, and now can be found throughout North America.There are two main varieties of plantain: broad leaf and narrow leaf, both can be used […]Read More ...
  • Spring Greens

    Spring Greens

    One of the first vegetables on the farm is lettuce, pretty little leaf lettuce.  It has a rather short growing season, when the fiery heat of the summer rolls in the lettuce likes to grow bitter and make seeds.  We are experimenting with methods to keep the lettuces cool and hopefully prolong the harvest.  But […]Read More ...