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While 2013 was the year of the beans, it will also be known as the year of the big tomato failure.
Temperatures were just too hot this year, we went from mild and cool spring weather to record breaking heat in a matter of a week.  We missed out on the few weeks of temperatures needed to set tomato fruit, therefore the harvest was very slim.  Around the end of the season things picked up a bit, but not in the quantities we needed for storage through the winter.

Sadly I had to buy boxes of tomatoes, maybe next year will be better.

IMG_4822IMG_4823(Lou searching for a ripe tomato or two)

IMG_4870IMG_4872Lou was our faithful tomato grower this year, even though it wasn’t the bumper crop we were hoping for she was still very diligent in caring for her tomatoes and when canning time came around she was right there doing her duty.

IMG_4875Seventy quarts later we have our tomatoes for the year.  I just can pain stewed tomatoes so I can go quickly, and any other tomato products that are needed throughout the year can be make from them.

Dilly Beans


The summer of 2013 will always be known as the year of the “bean” at the farm.
We had tons of beans.
Oodles of beans.
It was such a blessing, we had enough beans to eat fresh and can and enough beans to play around a bit.

This year we tried the Dilly Bean.
Canning Dilly Beans was a lot of fun and really simple, which is a huge plus for me, I just don’t have time to play around with complicated canning recipes.
I have lots of mouths to feed!

IMG_4766The preparation is very simple.  Simply wash the beans and cut them to the size of your jars, steam them until they are just tender.  That’s it.

IMG_4767IMG_4768In clean, sterilized jars place one dried chili pepper, one clove garlic and one half teaspoon dill seed. Pack the beans tightly in the jars, standing on end.

IMG_4769Bring 2 cups water, 2 cups apple cider vinegar and 1/4 cup canning salt to a boil and pour over the beans, leaving about a half inch head space.  Screw the lids on tight and flip jars over.

IMG_4770Once the jars have cooled completely, flip them back and check the seal.  Store for a few weeks before serving, so the flavors can mix and mature.

Serve cold